Welcome to our new look Quarterly News, Winter 2017.  This issue we've included a couple of updates on the changes proposed by the goverment in relation to limiting plant and equipment depreciation, as well as the treatment of renovations by previous owners - check out the articles below.  We have also included some important information for hotel owners and their advisers to consider when purchasing their pubs.  As specialist depreciation providers for the hotel industry we wanted to share some observations and tips that we have seen reap substantial cash flow benefits for our clients.  If there is anything you feel we can assist with, please don't hesitate to get in touch today!

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Changes to plant and equipment depreciation following 2017 Budget

Find out exactly who is affected, and what information has been released to date in terms of draft legislation and information from the ATO. 

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Boost cash flow for your clients in the hospitality industry

Purchasing a pub or hotel is a big deal.  Check out what you can be doing differently right from the beginning to boost cash flow early.

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Can investors still claim depreciation for renovations by previous owners following the budget changes?

Can your clients claim depreciation on renovations completed by previous owners?  Find out who can, who can't, and how to make the  most of these deductions where possible.

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